Plaza Khao Gaeng
Mezzanine at Arcade Food Hall
103-105 New Oxford Street
London, WC1A 1DB

Plaza Khao Gaeng is a celebration of Southern Thailand’s coast-to-jungle cuisine; a kaleidoscope of curries thick with fresh coconut milk and aromatic curry pastes, fermented shrimp for depth, and searingly hot stir fries with cooling herbs alongside. 

Khao gaeng (broadly meaning ‘curry over rice’) restaurants fill the space around them the more popular they become. Plaza is inspired by one such place that has taken over an old movie theatre in Bangkok. Curries set out in gleaming trays fill the entrance under the faded façade and up the stairs to the box office. This anytime comfort food provides pause in a place cool and quiet from the bustle of the street below. It is in this spirit Plaza Khao Gaeng fills the mezzanine at Arcade Food Hall.


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